Alexandre Humbert

In 2013 Alexandre Humbert graduated from Contextual Design (MA) with “White Sheep, Black Dream”, an ironic film about how to discipline people into becoming better black sheep. “If you want people to be disciplined then you need to develop a fantasy,” Alexandre says. "Instagram was just starting, it was a time when people were working out how to be the other.” As everyone strives to be different, we all want to become the black sheep, regardless of the negative connotations it carries with it. For Alexandre, the project linked to the disciplining essence of design. “I wasn’t designing a chair, but I was designing a way of sitting.”

In 2016 Humbert created The Hairdresser, a conversation between a man, a woman and a dog, or more specifically between Louis XV, Marie-Antoinette and a dog. “It is about a haircut,” Alexandre explains, “and about the fact that designing is not only about objects. It is also about writing a story. I was asked to pick three objects from the Musée Cognacq-Jay collection and to design a symbiotic connection between them. This fitted my interest in existing objects and how to give them a second layer of meaning. Instead of using these objects as inspiration for my own design, I used the objects as characters in my story."

Ever since, Alexandre Humbert has continued as a filmmaker. He has created a range of ‘object interviews’ in which designs converse with each other regarding their existence. Talking objects – for some a scary premonition, for others a lively new take on the life of things. Apart from the object interviews he has created various short films, either on commission or on his own initiative. His studio is based in Amsterdam, his work has been screened internationally and he collaborated on Films with recognized Artists and Cultural Institutions such as Åbäke, Studio Makkink & Bey, EventArchitectuur, Design Museum Gent, Design Academy Eindhoven, Martino Gamper, Noam Toran, LUMA Arles, Brakke Grond, Zuiderzee Museum, MUDAM Luxembourg, Eric Van Hove among others.

More information in this article on Disegno: https://www.disegnodaily.com/article/a-chair-walks-into-a-bar

Graduation project, 2013, and projects he created since his graduation.