Anna Aagaard Jensen

For her graduation, Anna Aagaard Jensen has investigated how public postures of men and women reveal their unequal positions in society. Whereas men seem to claim space, women tend to do the opposite, as images show of public appearances. A Basic Instinct challenges the boundaries of conventions and proposes alternatives. 

Our contemporary Western society is represented through images - constantly imposing on us and exposing us to standards and ideals. Contemporary ideals of women in power are for instance represented through the 2D images of celebrities, shaping the notion of what it means to become a woman, still showing us inherited standards of body and posture. Our body becomes a sculpted medium, that is created through the visual representation of others, layered, fragmented and only partially in our own control.

The project aims to challenge the boundaries of conventions, create alternatives and go against inherited standards, in order to claim and take over space. The objects encourage a more unconventional attitude in body language and posture through the act of sitting. By treating the female body as an object, an attitude is sculpted. By treating posture as a statement, an ambiguous woman is created, who is not afraid of her sexuality, nor of her power. 

The statement chairs contain different layers, varying from their contrast in materiality to their outspoken and confronting appearance. They invite women to sit, lean back in a relaxed way, spread their legs seductively, and boldly take over space as the most natural thing to do. 

Graduation project, 2018

Anna J_1.png
AnnaJ_basic instinct.png