Clementine Schmidt

In french ‘Habits’ means clothes and ‘Habitats’ means dwelling. They are from the same family of words with the same origin. Actually our clothes are our first separation between the inside and the outside, public space and private space - the first threshold of our intimacy. What if those clothes could also be shelters? A space that can create a homey feeling anywhere?

Home is neither a fixed place, nor does dwelling refer merely to the functional relationship of man and his environment. Dwelling is also, and most of all, a psychological sensation, a feeling and idea of security.

People are constantly on the move. For work, holidays, war, security, climate-change. When it comes to refugees, a recent Christian Aid report predicts that, based on current trends, a further 1 billion people will be forced from their homes between now and 2050. For this reason I decided to create an intimate space that people might carry and wear anytime, everywhere - a house/suit for the transitory moments in their lives. The house/suit is made of construction materials, including isolation fabrics.

First year project, 2015-2016