Lu Fan

For the Icon project of the first year we had to choose a design, research all components of it, and make a replica. I choose the wedding dress of unwoven fabric, made in 1990 by Rei Kawakubo. I love the idea of using this process, or the material that is usual on the inside, to make the most important dress of a girl’s life. The fabric may be unusual, but still it saves the romantic feeling of a special purpose and occasion.

Subsequently we were challenged to appropriate the most significant elements of the chosen icon into our own design. To continue Kawakubo’s idea, I chose a material that is thrown away daily, a plastic bag, and give it another meaning. In the history of garments one can see many examples of how sleeves can create different silhouettes. Different kinds of sleeves represent different social class, for example. 

From a plastic bag, tape and beads I designed an Queen Elizabethan top with different kinds of sleeves, creating different silhouettes.

First year project, 2015-2016