Lucas Muñoz Muñoz 

Lucas Muñoz Muñoz graduated with a range of wild objects that seem to question what they are, as well as question where design comes from. Is a stone the starting point of a chair? Can a concrete form function as cooling system?

Play is prevalent in his objects, as well as a tendency to use unconventional materials and existing objects. Ever since his graduation, Lucas’ practice continues to spin around the functionality and materiality of objects, working within a field that intertwines the need for functioning artefacts with their capacity to embody deeper meanings. Most of his works can be defined as sensorial thought exercises that reflect on our social and man-made landscapes.

The designer works both within the confines of his own studio and at many places in the world, where he collaborates with local creatives and cultural institutions. The works that result from such collaborations testify of the playful making process and the locality of the materials employed.

Muñoz Muñoz crafts pieces from unusual materials. Using ‘tools’ such as humour and the rawness of existing materials and found objects, his body of work includes a wide range of typologies, which span from boats and speakers to chairs and lamps. Each of them inspires a new perspective on the world of functional objects. “I see my practice as fundamentally collaborative. When comes to defining an object, materials should work together similarly to how humans collaborate: direct interaction and honest expression of individual capacities should be at play between materials, as they are naturally expressed within human relations.”

Graduation project, 2014, and projects he created since his graduation.