Tal Erez

Tal Erez graduated from IM (later renamed Contextual Design) with a research into the ‘new industrial revolution’. New production methods construct new socio-political systems. From the development of guilds in the Middle Age’s to the labour unions of the 20th century, workers have always regulated political power. The project questions the demise of the workers voice and proposes ways to reinstate it within our post-Fordist society.

New manufacturing techniques will enable a re-structuring of our economic and political structures. ‘(Waiting for) the People’ is a set of 14 protest signs, which act as a provocation for change. Each sign containing an image that hints at a possible future, where the home has become the site of production (The availability of 3D printers at home is near; decentralising the production of physical objects). 

Another part of his graduation was the presentation of Propjets: Propjects are objects that exist purely to represent ourselves on camera. we are already directors, armed with the tools of making videos, and now, with sites like youtube – imagine! For the first time our interior is uploaded to the public sphere. We invite millions into our bedroom, our living room. But that’s a good thing. it means its free. that it could be imaginative. That we control its composition, its components, its ability to be fantastic, unprofessional. (Designers can still learn from us). Don’t be afraid to make your own space.

Graduation project, 2010