Théophile Blandet

Théophile’s graduation project consisted of Fountain of Knowledge and Fountain of Money. Thick smears of pigment cover the computer screen in the form of a Kim Kardashian selfie, a Bob Ross YouTube video, and cult Japanese figure Hatsune Miku. By painting popular internet images onto this window to the digital world, Théophile Blandet shuts off our access to its omniscience. In Fountain of Knowledge, the painted images freeze the screen, just as we become frozen in the face of the sheer volume of available information spilling out. The efficiency of technology is reduced to zero and becomes obsolete. The paintings are the opposite of the original images. They take hours, even days to make and have a physical staying power.

Fountain of Money explores the idea of a digital deluge. The object seems to generate a constant flow of digital currency. A large cooling tube keeps the computer processors inside from overheating, which is reflected in the design. The tube is balanced atop carved resin flames. Unlike the money shooting out indiscriminately, the object itself is carefully crafted.

After his graduation in 2017, Blandet worked on a range of new projects, including a follow-up of the Fountain of Money (icw Thomas Ballouhey) and a shelving system, made of discarded plastics that still testify of the material’s status as waste. "Presenting plastic as the new ivory, a future forbidden matter and an endangered resource. P.S is the last honour and obituary for plastic. I am interested in matter that will not be able to exist in the future. Plastic has been celebrated as the miracle material for modern manufacturing, however due to its environmental impact, I believe we will shortly ban its production. I aim to celebrate the rarity of plastic in the future, subverting the value of the material.” 

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Graduation project, 2017, and projects he created since his graduation.


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Follow-up of Fountain of Money, in collaboration with Thomas Ballouhey

follow-up of Fountain of Money, in collaboration with Thomas Ballouhey.jpg